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Russ and Nancy Rodrigue RUSS and NANCY

Nancy and I both grew up in California.
Nancy graduated from Fred C. Beyer High School in 1974.
Russ graduated from Anaheim High School in 1967.
We now live in Lompoc, California, USA.



Click on the Photos... most of them are Fun Links... Enjoy!

What we do for Fun:

Disneyland has always been one of our favorite places.  We have annual passes to the park, and collect Disney Memorabilia.
Nancy buzzing the Matterhorn


Nancy is the Author of the 10 Hidden Mickey novels

"Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men Do Tell Tales!"

"Hidden Mickey 2: It All Started..."

"Hidden Mickey 3: Wolf! The Legend of Tom Sawyer's Island"

"Hidden Mickey 4: Wolf! Happily Ever After?"

"Hidden Mickey 4.5: Unfinished Business-Wals"

"Hidden Mickey Adventures 1: Peter and the Wolf"

"Hidden Mickey Adventures 2: Peter and the Missing Mansion"

"Hidden Mickey Adventures 3: The Mermaid's Tale"

"Hidden Mickey Adventures 4: Revenge of the Wolf"

"Hidden Mickey Adventures 5: When You Wish"

These are action-adventure novels about Walt Disney and Disneyland

Taking readers on a wild ride; consider them as Mr. Toad's Wild Ride on steroids



We also both play in the Virtual Magic Kingdom.

Russ aka BoatGuy BoatGuy  keelboat Nancy aka HiddenMickeyGirl


Click HERE --> to View our Family Photo Album

Here's "Toto" our Silky Terrior (born in Kansas June 9, 2012)
Toto 6 weeks old
as a 6 week old pup....
Russ' Service Dog
and 2 years later she became Russ' Service Dog. 

If you are a Blonde... Click Here!


Here's our little (90lbs.) golden retriever "Brandy"
Brandy 6 weeks old
as a pup....

and then she became a big dog (she was a great dog, but now she is gone, died at 11 yrs old). 

If you are a Blonde... Click Here!


Here's a photo of us...Click to ride Screamin' - wait for movie to load..... Russ and Nancy3 May 27, 2000

Our Office - Click HERE first...then Click the link below
Here's what our Office looked like BEFORE
Click HERE -->  See what it looks like NOW!

Check out this Awesome Drawing! Yep, it's one of the Keelboats on Tom's Sawyers Island

The Bertha Mae Keelboat on Tom's Sawyers Island
Thanks Jeremy!

What can you recognize?
Nancy (with dad/brother) buying Ice Cream for $.15 in 1962

Monorail station (notice the old buckets on the Skyway) in Tomorrowland in 1962

Here is what NOT to do on a Date!

(please be patient - it takes a little while to load, but well worth the wait!)

Here's Nancy in the old Autopia cars around 1964

Nancy went from this....

(by the way... this is a famous photo.... it is on display in Disneyland in at least thirteen (13) places)


Click and wait for movie to load.....Nancy in a 2002 Autopia car - Click to see the Film Clip

to this.... (grin)


Here's Nancy's '94 Jag XJS    a sleek kitty!


to this Jaguar XJS V-12

and yes it purrs like a kitten and roars like a lion too!


Here's Nancy's new '57 T-Bird   sweet!

'57 T-Bird - side view'57 T-Bird - side view'57 T-Bird - front view'57 T-Bird - rear view'57 T-Bird interior!'57 T-Bird interior view of the removable hard top!'57 T-Bird trunk area, nice and clean!'57 T-Bird engine, super detailed!

and now to this Classic 1957 T-Bird

The T-Bird is now famous too! It is featured in the book HIDDEN MICKEY

the Authors Nancy & Dave and her '57 T-Bird as featured in HIDDEN MICKEY


Here's Russ's old '23 T-Bucket (cute)

Russ's old '23 T-Bucket...


Here's Russ's old '23 T-Bucket (cute)

and the new... '23 T-Bucket...  this one turns heads and wins awards! (Chad at the wheel)


Click and wait for sound..... Here's Russ's '04 Harley (sweet)

Russ has fun on his bike...

Click and wait for sound..... Here is Kyla, Russ, and Silas enjoying a ride in 2004

and the grandkids love it too!


Click and wait for movie to load..... Here's Russ's '31 Ford Coupe  (smokin31A)

Click and wait for movie to load..... Here's Russ's '31 Ford Coupe  (smokin31A)

and then Russ rips up the pavement with his '31 Ford Hot Rod... it puts out over 550HP!

look at the back tires (there is 36 inches of rubber), and no it does not purr like a kitten.... it only roars like a lion!

Join us at a Car Show
Click HERE to View info on the Josh Heilbron Benefit Car Show

You have got to see this cute clip on Home Security

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